We’re not dinosaurs just because we call out Green nonsense

My recent article published in the Sunday Independent: There is no shortage of political pundits who are happy to regularly disparage the holding of constituency clinics by TDs. But, for every one of them, there are several thousand more members of the public see these weekly T.D. clinics as a vital way to engage face

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My recent article published in the Sunday Independent:

I rarely attend Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meetings. Gone are the days when they saw a lively exchange of ideas and suggestion. They are now a listening exercise, with the backbenchers expected to stay in listening mode.   Not that I am missing out on much, as much of what is uttered at these meetings

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Covid Restrictions

I have written to the Taoiseach and the Minister for Health urging them to remove all Covid restrictions by the end of January, as hospital and ICU figures have remained stable as a result of high levels of vaccination and natural immunity. Hospitality businesses should now be allowed to operate as normal & the use

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